Why turf?

With the population’s change in preference to low maintenance living in recent years, the popularity of turf and grass has dropped dramatically.  There are some amazing benefits to use turf in your outdoor space, despite the mowing time.

Turf and grass help to prevent the large amount of soil erosion that occurs in environments that do not have naturally occurring or removed soil covering.  It also reduces noise by acting as a sound absorber, and provides a safe environment for your family to enjoy their outdoor living.

Having a turfed yard prevents your little ones receiving extra bumps and scrapes, and is the perfect way to get them outside and enjoying the sunshine.

If you or your business would be interested in a quote, we offer Brisbane wide service, including the north, south, and bayside, so there really isn’t any reason to further delay this upgrade to your outdoor space.  Please contact us via our website or by phone on 0452 660 243.  Happy landscaping!

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