Sir Walter Turf

Sir Walter turf is a long-standing Australian favourite.  A staple and an asset to any outdoor space, Sir Walter is really the obvious choice for the harsh Australian outdoors.

As a broad-leafed buffalo grass, Sir Walter has numerous benefits that make it an excellent front and backyard lawn.  In comparison to many other turf varieties, Sir Walter is very low maintenance, requiring little to no watering during the winter months and only twice a week over summer, as well as offering relatively low mowing needs.  Sir Walter is the perfect turf for Queensland; it deals well with being in high sodium soil and is incredibly drought tolerant, having a wonderful bounce back from those slightly frosty winter mornings.

The perfect lawn for families, Sir Walter is hypoallergenic, and restricts the types of vegetation that snakes and other nasties usually frequent.  This turf also performs fantastically in both shade and full sun, and is really one less thing to worry about.

Despite the fact that Sir Walter turf is initially expensive to have put in your yard, the long-term benefits of low maintenance costs ensure that this is an investment worth making.

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