Retaining Walls

Reliable Retaining Walls

Retaining walls are often a structural necessity in a garden. They are essential on a sloping property as they enable you to enjoy more level space. This means that you can have levels lawns and a safe driveway, no matter the gradient of your property. Retaining walls require some engineering and are best left to the experienced experts, such as the Livable Landscapes team.



Retaining Safety

Retaining walls have to carry an incredibly heavy load and withstand enormous pressure. This is why these walls have to be carefully designed and engineered, and include sufficient waterproofing and drainage structures. The Livable Landscapes team will take care of these considerations for you and construct a wall that not only complements your garden design perfectly but is structurally sound and safe as well.

Practicality Meets Aesthetics

Just because retaining walls meet practical and structural requirements does not mean that they have to be an eyesore. At Livable Landscapes we will ensure that the scale and material of your retaining wall is in keeping with your overall garden design. In fact, we can create the perfect retaining wall that will not only be a practical solution, but an integral part of your outdoor environment.


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