Vertical Gardens: Managing a Landscaping Space

Vertical gardens are an excellent way to make a sustainable statement in your outdoor area.  By elevating your planting off of the ground, you allow your space to become more workable and usable, as the space that once would have been used for a planting bed, can now be used for outdoor entertaining.

Vertical gardens have so many potential uses in an outdoor space, from functioning purely as a garden feature, to acting as an edible garden alternative.

However, vertical gardens do require a little more maintenance than their ground dwelling cousins. Unlike normal garden beds, there is no natural drainage system in a vertical garden, meaning that plants need to be monitored closely to ensure their health.  In addition to this the soil and nutrients used for your plant’s individual “ecosystems” should be of the highest quality.  Vertical Garden

Selecting the right species for your vertical garden is also an important choice dependent on the amount of shade and protection your vertical garden has from the elements.  Plants like mint and lemon balm prefer a shadier environment, where as, sage, rocket, and cherry tomatoes thrive in full sun.  Thus it is very important to think about the goals of your vertical garden before selecting the specimens to plant in it.

DIYing your vertical garden can be a fun weekend project to take on with the kids, and there are many wonderful kits available to assist you, however, Livable Landscapes always recommends a professional’s touch when it comes to ensuring that you have a low maintenance and sustainable set up for your vertical garden.

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