Landscaping For Builders And Developers

Maximise your investment potential

Property developers understand the complexities of the real estate market. Sometimes additional works to a property are necessary to make your investment stand out and be desirable to your intended market. Livable Landscapes can provide comprehensive and reliable landscaping solutions from design, project management and construction to add value to your property and maximise your investment potential.



The Landscaping Specialists

Livable Landscapes is committed to working with you, the developer, to ensure that we understand your budget, project timeframe and intended target market. Our goal is to provide the most effective landscape solutions from commencement to project completion. Working with your project brief and the urban context, our landscape architects and botanists will design and create the perfect outdoor environment that will best appeal to your prospective buyers. Our landscape technicians, true artisans in their field will transform the designs to reality. Our team understands just how important your development is to you, and we will provide you with efficient and professional landscape outcomes that will transform your property.

Custom Property Development Solutions

Livable Landscapes can provide you with a large range of landscape solutions to meet your property requirements:

  • Sustainable Landscape Architecture
  • Project Management
  • Urban Planning
  • Water Sensitive Urban design
  • Water Harvesting
  • Bio-filtration solutions
  • Recycled Materials
  • High Quality Landscape Products and Organics
  • Tailor made planting schemes
  • Green Roofs
  • Vertical Gardens
  • Irrigation solutions


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