Landscape Essentials: Turfing

The beginning of autumn signifies lots of changes, the weather gets cooler, and the days become shorter.  These are both indicators that the time of year has come to be doing some turf maintenance.  The cooler months allow for turf to recover and regenerate from the wear and tear it receives over the summer months, and is the perfect time to ensure that your turf is healthy for the next summer.

As the winter months signify the change into the dry season, it is important to remember to water your lawn regularly, as lawn growth can stagnate and revert to a dormant state if the soil becomes dry.  When your lawn begins to change colour (becoming a duller green or even brown) that is a good indicator that it’s time to give your lawn a deep watering.

The end of summer is also the prime time to fertilise your lawn, which should ideally be done two or three times a year.  Slow release fertilisers are perfect for this, as they prolong the benefits and ensure that the leaves of your lawn won’t get burnt or be damaged by the nutrients found in some fertilisers.

Also ensuring that your lawn is mowed often and correctly can greatly assist with it’s health and longevity.  By keeping your mower blades sharp and only mowing when the turf is healthy and dry will keep it feeling and looking great.

We offer Brisbane wide service, including the north, south, and bayside, and with quotes available on request, there really isn’t any reason to further delay this upgrade to your outdoor space.  Please contact us via our website or by phone on 0452 660 243.  Happy landscaping!


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