For your eyes only: Privacy in your outdoor area

Getting away from the hustle and bustle is becoming a higher priority for most home owners, which is why constructing a private sanctuary in your space is becoming a landscaping trend.  Privacy inside your home is a priority, so why not maintain it throughout your property?

The traditional use of soft landscaping options, such as planting, screening for privacy is always a popular choice, with vines, hedges, green walls, and larger trees providing ample privacy once given the opportunity to grow in.

Green walls are particularly well suited to being used as a privacy screen as they are a hybrid of both soft and hard landscaping, allowing some much needed outdoor greenery, whilst also instantly adding an element of privacy.

Raised garden beds can also provide some extra height while younger plants are growing, allowing for extra privacy and screening in the meantime.

However, for the instant effect, hard landscaping options, such as fencing, decorative timber screening, vertical garden beds that use dressed timber, as well as larger structures like day beds and pergolas.  When designed correctly, these can provide a point of interest to your screening project. Sanctum screening, a type of laser cut metal sheet, are a new and innovative way of showing your creativity and providing you with an different style of screening, also assisting you to becoming a trend-setter in the process. These all create an instant effect that will keep you away from any prying eyes, and allow for your outdoor area to become your sanctuary.

If you aren’t keen on fencing off a whole portion of your yard for privacy, consider maybe installing a few panels and turn them into a garden feature by using varying heights and angles, paint, furniture, statues, old wheelbarrows, and planting to dress the space.

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