Vertical Gardens: Managing a Landscaping Space

Vertical gardens are an excellent way to make a sustainable statement in your outdoor area.  By elevating your planting off of the ground, you allow your space to become more workable and usable, as the space that once would have been used for a planting bed, can now be used for outdoor entertaining.

Vertical gardens have so many potential uses in an outdoor space, from functioning purely as a garden feature, to acting as an edible garden alternative.

However, vertical gardens do require a little more maintenance than their ground dwelling cousins. Unlike normal garden beds, there is no natural drainage system in a vertical garden, meaning that plants need to be monitored closely to ensure their health.  In addition to this the soil and nutrients used for your plant’s individual “ecosystems” should be of the highest quality.  Vertical Garden

Selecting the right species for your vertical garden is also an important choice dependent on the amount of shade and protection your vertical garden has from the elements.  Plants like mint and lemon balm prefer a shadier environment, where as, sage, rocket, and cherry tomatoes thrive in full sun.  Thus it is very important to think about the goals of your vertical garden before selecting the specimens to plant in it.

DIYing your vertical garden can be a fun weekend project to take on with the kids, and there are many wonderful kits available to assist you, however, Livable Landscapes always recommends a professional’s touch when it comes to ensuring that you have a low maintenance and sustainable set up for your vertical garden.

Livable Landscapes specialises in all forms of residential landscaping, and would love the opportunity to make your dreams for your space a reality.  Put the skills of our team to the test and contact us via our website or by phone today to organise a quote.

Bringing an outdoor space together

We recently collaborated on a unique landscape space for a client, working with some of the most respected suppliers in the industry, Global Fencing, Lysaght, and Creative Sleepers.

Pre-existing pool

To tie this space together, our team of landscapers worked with the pre-existing pool to construct a pool fence using two different styles of fencing, an aluminium pool fence in ‘Sahara Black’ supplied by Global Fencing, and a Colorbond Fence in ‘Woodland Grey’ supplied by Lysaght.   By using two different styles of fencing for the perimeter fence and the access fence, we have allowed for both style, structural integrity, and safety in the area.

IMG_1225Additionally, along the boundary fence, our landscapers constructed a concrete sleeper retaining wall.  The materials for this retaining wall were supplied by the Brisbane based supplier, Creative Sleepers, who manufacture the galvanised steel posts and ‘Blackview’ style charcoal steel reinforced concrete sleepers from Australian made materials.  The post and sleepers used in this retaining wall are engineered for 30 years, so that you and your family can be assured that you are receiving a quality product.
Pre-existing pool

The addition of a feature retaining wall assists in grounding the space, and adding character to what would have otherwise been a bland space.  Livable Landscapes specialises in project management in addition to our landscaping services, so rest assured that your project is in good hands.

Photographing landscapes

Photographing your landscaped area has many benefits that both you and your property can reap the rewards of for years to come.  Whether you decide to photograph your property to capture a new project after completion, or are advertising your property for sale, here are some tips and tricks of the trade that we have picked up along the way.

Lighting and weather

Having your landscape area lit with natural light is essential to capturing the space in its finest form.  The best times for natural lighting that is bright without being to harsh, is up to an hour after sunrise and an hour before sunset.

Overcast or cloud filled skies can add interest to your landscape images without detracting from the overall scene, so plan for this if you can.  In addition, shooting photographs at different times of the day can also add depth to your landscapes portfolio.

Overcast pool

Angles and levels

When photographing your landscaped area, getting the right angle is essential to paying tribute to the workmanship in your space.  Ensure that your are photographing structures at eye level for the audience, this allows for the greatest depth of field, and also provides a sense of scale to the image.  Whilst doing so using a tripod can be helpful to ensures that your images are as clean and crisp as they can be as they minimise any minor shakes that can happen.

Photographing for image purpose

When shooting images for your landscaping work, ensure that you take the images with their intended purpose in mind.  This can encompass what is called “staging the scene”, which is an industry term for ensuring that the space you are capturing is clean and tidy as possible, whilst also looking lived in.  This might mean setting your out door entertaining area, lighting the fire pit, and cleaning out the pool area.

For your eyes only: Privacy in your outdoor area

Getting away from the hustle and bustle is becoming a higher priority for most home owners, which is why constructing a private sanctuary in your space is becoming a landscaping trend.  Privacy inside your home is a priority, so why not maintain it throughout your property?

The traditional use of soft landscaping options, such as planting, screening for privacy is always a popular choice, with vines, hedges, green walls, and larger trees providing ample privacy once given the opportunity to grow in.

Green walls are particularly well suited to being used as a privacy screen as they are a hybrid of both soft and hard landscaping, allowing some much needed outdoor greenery, whilst also instantly adding an element of privacy.

Raised garden beds can also provide some extra height while younger plants are growing, allowing for extra privacy and screening in the meantime.

However, for the instant effect, hard landscaping options, such as fencing, decorative timber screening, vertical garden beds that use dressed timber, as well as larger structures like day beds and pergolas.  When designed correctly, these can provide a point of interest to your screening project. Sanctum screening, a type of laser cut metal sheet, are a new and innovative way of showing your creativity and providing you with an different style of screening, also assisting you to becoming a trend-setter in the process. These all create an instant effect that will keep you away from any prying eyes, and allow for your outdoor area to become your sanctuary.

If you aren’t keen on fencing off a whole portion of your yard for privacy, consider maybe installing a few panels and turn them into a garden feature by using varying heights and angles, paint, furniture, statues, old wheelbarrows, and planting to dress the space.

If you would like Livable Landscapes expertise to assist you in your landscape creation or renovation, please phone us on 0452 660 243 to arrange a quote to discuss the various options available for your project.

Landscaping Tips and Tricks: Mulching

Autumn is the perfect time of year to get your hands dirty and mulch your garden beds.  With the colder and drier months fast approaching, garden mulch gives your plants a much needed helping hand by trapping a layer of heat and moisture.

Not only is mulch an excellent water conservation tool, natural mulches can also provide some added nutrients to your soil, as well as assisting in minimising weed growth.

There are lots of mulching options, many of which are easily accessible, and some can be found in your yard.  Grass clippings, compost, and eucalyptus and pine trimmings are just some of the myriad of natural mulching options that will greatly assist with soil compaction and moisture evaporation.  Materials such as pebbles or gravel are also excellent choices because they don’t absorb any moisture and allow rainfall, or irrigation water, to penetrate the soil where it’s needed, however won’t add any nutrients to the soil like organic materials would.

If you would like to arrange for Livable Landscapes to give a quote on landscaping works at your property, call us on 0452 660 243.

Landscaping For Sale

Preparing your home for sale can be an incredibly stressful time for both you and your family.  Bringing your outdoor space up to market standards, can help potential home-buyers to see themselves living in your home.

There is so much potential in any outdoor space, that it can be incredibly overwhelming when trying to juggle so many things.  That’s why when bringing your home up to market expectations, you should trust the landscaping experts at Livable Landscapes to take care of your outdoor project.

Landscaping for sale

We undertook a project in Newport, Queensland, to assist some homeowners before their property went on the market.  We put in new garden beds and planting at both the front and the rear of the property, as well as adding some tumble sandstone to the backyard.

If you would like us to do something similar for your property, please don’t hesitate to call us for a quote on 0452 660 243, or via our website.  Happy landscaping!

Landscape Design

DesignLivable Landscapes is committed to ensuring that you are completely satisfied with your outdoor space, which is why we are committed to spending the time to meticulously plan and design your space.

We will always take the time to listen to your ideas for your landscape, and pairing those ideas with our expertise.  This collaboration between customer and landscaper culminates in spectacular outdoor spaces for you to enjoy.

For detailed projects, our designer will take the time to draw a project design for your space to present you with your quote so that you can fully understand the “ins and outs” of your landscaping job.

If you would like to arrange a quote for your space, please call us on 0452 660 243 today!

Landscape Essentials: Decking

With the summer months fast approaching, sorting out your outdoor entertaining area is central to the great Australian summer.  So whether it’s refurbishing your pre-existing deck, meeting new building code specifications, or building a new deck from scratch, Livable Landscapes should be your first port of call.


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