Blue couch turf is homegrown, tried and tested turf variety that is undeniably one of the best suited for the tough Australian climate.  Blue couch is a beautiful natural looking turf with a blue-green colour, a soft lush feel, and a fine-medium leaf blade.

Blue couch is well suited to low nutrient conditions, has better winter colour retention than most and is more resistant to weed invasion particularly under low fertility conditions.  It’s drought and wear tolerance are very much on par with other couch varieties, whilst still maintaining a closer, tighter mat of stolons giving better ground surface coverage than other varieties on the market.

This stunning variety is very shade tolerant, requires little to no maintenance outside of mowing, and has rapid summer growth.  Like all turfs, Blue Couch is susceptible to pests that attack during the wet season, although is far less susceptible to most other Buffalo and Couch varieties.

Blue couch is an excellent choice for both residential properties and businesses alike, and the team at Livable Landscapes would be more than happy to help design and lay blue couch for your outdoor space.

If you or your business would like to get in contact with Livable Landscapes for a quote, please feel free to check out our website for the applicable information or by phone on 0452 660 243.  Happy landscaping!

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