Landscaping Tips and Tricks: Mulching

Autumn is the perfect time of year to get your hands dirty and mulch your garden beds.  With the colder and drier months fast approaching, garden mulch gives your plants a much needed helping hand by trapping a layer of heat and moisture.

Not only is mulch an excellent water conservation tool, natural mulches can also provide some added nutrients to your soil, as well as assisting in minimising weed growth.

There are lots of mulching options, many of which are easily accessible, and some can be found in your yard.  Grass clippings, compost, and eucalyptus and pine trimmings are just some of the myriad of natural mulching options that will greatly assist with soil compaction and moisture evaporation.  Materials such as pebbles or gravel are also excellent choices because they don’t absorb any moisture and allow rainfall, or irrigation water, to penetrate the soil where it’s needed, however won’t add any nutrients to the soil like organic materials would.

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