Landscape Essentials: Decking

With the summer months fast approaching, sorting out your outdoor entertaining area is central to the great Australian summer.  So whether it’s refurbishing your pre-existing deck, meeting new building code specifications, or building a new deck from scratch, Livable Landscapes should be your first port of call.



Blue couch turf is homegrown, tried and tested turf variety that is undeniably one of the best suited for the tough Australian climate.  Blue couch is a beautiful natural looking turf with a blue-green colour, a soft lush feel, and a fine-medium leaf blade.


If the grass is fake, does it still count as grass?

In recent years, synthetic turf has become increasingly popular, due to tougher water restrictions and people becoming more time poor than ever before.  There are increasing benefits to installing synthetic rather than organic turf, including, a minimized environmental impact, low maintenance, and (eventual) low costs.


Sir Walter Turf

Sir Walter turf is a long-standing Australian favourite.  A staple and an asset to any outdoor space, Sir Walter is really the obvious choice for the harsh Australian outdoors.


Why turf?

With the population’s change in preference to low maintenance living in recent years, the popularity of turf and grass has dropped dramatically.  There are some amazing benefits to use turf in your outdoor space, despite the mowing time.


Landscape Essentials: Turfing

The beginning of autumn signifies lots of changes, the weather gets cooler, and the days become shorter.  These are both indicators that the time of year has come to be doing some turf maintenance.  The cooler months allow for turf to recover and regenerate from the wear and tear it receives over the summer months, and is the perfect time to ensure that your turf is healthy for the next summer.


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